Gifts of inspiration for Kuangou village in Gansu

In August 2016, Thin & High volunteers visited Kuangou Elementary School again in China’s remote northwestern Gansu province.  Students at the historic old school were each given a model airplane donated by Mr. Liu Fusheng.  In addition to bringing a smile to the children’s faces, the simple gift also inspired them to set their goals high as well as aroused their curiosity in science and technology in general and aerodynamics in particular. 

During the visit, Thin & High also donated clothes and school supplies to students who would soon be entering junior high school in cities during the new semester; the new outfits would allow them to blend in more confidently in their new school and environment. 

Since Thin & High started its first summer camp at Kuangou Elementary School in 2012, it has built strong bonds and personal ties with students and local residents.  In addition to donating needed supplies such as winter clothing and books to the village, Thin & High has also worked with other parties to ensure medical tests and assistance for children requiring urgent medical attention. 

To further assist in improving the livelihoods of the villagers, Thin & High has imparted to local farmers new agricultural knowledge and techniques besides the gifts of pumpkin seeds and jujube saplings.  It is hoped that these efforts will enable the villagers to sell their produce at a higher price, thereby raising their incomes.